Sensory Toys & Child Development

Sensory Toys & Child Development

What Is Sensory Play?

Who said learning can't be fun?

Sensory play is any type of activity which involves stimulating a young child’s senses by giving them endless ways to develop and learn. The 5 senses include taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell – they are used from birth to help children make sense of the world around them and shapes the ability to interact.

This type of play helps to develop the senses and build cognitive skills, stimulating a child's brain development.

Characteristics of Sensory Toys

There are certain elements and criteria that a sensory toy should focus on and these are:

Sight – Vibrant colours and contrasts in toys can captivate an infant or young child’s attention and stimulate visual interest.

Hearing – Sensory toys and objects which make a noise can help to support auditory engagement. 

Touch – Whilst all materials are essentially tactile, the form and finish of children’s toys can vary considerably, with contrasting types of materials ranging from soft and fluffy, to hard and bumpy.

Smell – Specific aromas can stimulate the sense of smell and provoke curiosity.

Taste – Toys which provide oral satisfaction or pleasant tastes may include teething rings or other similar types of toys.

A great example of Sensory Toy:




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